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Our Association, which aims at holistic development with the mobilization of local and regional potential, carries out activities that support economic and social development as well as cultural and environmental sustainability, promote and contribute to policy production in these areas.
Artificial intelligence has been increasingly used in many fields in recent years, and education is one of them. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the learning process of students is being further improved and will play a...
Since the moment technology has significantly entered human life, its impact has been huge. First of all, the emergence of technology has improved people’s quality of life and changed the way people work. For example,...
Diminishing returns planet earth is unique. It is the only place we know of where life exists in the vast cosmic arena of the universe. It is an incredible place. On its own, it gives...
Performance-Based Management Although we do not know clearly in the early period of humanity (hunter and gatherer), the assumption that the best hunter is the best runner or the strongest has a good chance of...
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